Mon 15 October 2018 | 8:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Levontin 7 - Levontin 7, Tel Aviv,

The musical partnership of Iwo Perlman and Matthew Schiff has been going on for more than 20 years, during which it produced fascinating products. Together they create improvised, daring and adventurous music. The two succeed in minimizing the blurring of boundaries between writing traditional music and performing. They do this by ignoring any conventional basis of music as we know it – written melodies, built-in chord moves, predetermined rhythms and even weight.
Matthew Schiff is one of the leading and most important pianists in the last two decades, and one of the leading musicians in the New York City davonton scene. Shif is one of the unique musicians who designs the term “tandem”. His playing combines lyricism and harmonics into the storm of free improvisation, and if he focuses on the developmental structure of the work. He became famous in the legendary quartet of David S. Ware, and since then dozens of projects and combinations if the best creators in the scene, has carved a unique voice and color.
Ivo Perlman The Brazilian Jew can be said to continue the path of Gato Barbieri. Perlman’s tenor saxophone mixes a wide-ranging technique with a pure passion, with Schip’s piano sounds complimenting his playing with a combination of different shades and increasing attacks. Together, in their joint quest for musical exploration and expansion, they became Lewis and Clark of Free Music.
“The creative collaboration between Brazilian saxophonist Iwo Perlman and the British label Leo Records has so far yielded about 20 expenses, and three new albums are being released in this framework, with Shif’s recurring presence giving life to the artistic connection between them.” The Art of Duet Volume 1 ” Is a pure expression of the synergy between the pair, which reveals the mutual abilities of the two musicians to sink in. While Perlman seems to always stand in the head of a musical tower, breaking pieces as he progresses with his broken prism, Shif follows him like a close shadow, Looking forward to his next move, the frantic tension that knows very little, does not even know Ha, sounds race against time requires energy and concentration, rises and creates music evokes lively, nervous, jumpy and yet free from unnecessary aggression “- Fiirkrlo Poggio magazine” Improv ”
“A world in which fantasy and imagination reign supreme … a project that does not match the history of contemporary jazz” – Music Zoom magazine ”
“Art in its highest form … natural beauty created.” “Oneness” means one opinion that moves two instruments to the point of spiritual musical union – “Something Else Reviews”
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