Thu 8 August 2019 | 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Ecological Park - Ecological Park, Petah Tikva,

Israeli Youth Pride Rally!
8.8 • 18:00 • Park HaGadol • Petah Tikva

LGBTQ youth make their voices be heard!

2019 is a year of awakening! More than 50 Pride events throughout the country are marking Struggle and Tolerance.
Local communities are calling for equality, freedom and security –

Come one and all! Come young and old, in celebration and in anger, come alone, in groups or in families! Let us celebrate the season of Pride & Tolerance events and parades in 2019. Come together on the 8.8 for an exciting rally – with our youth front and center!

Our rally will be held under the leadership of the team of Pride in Petach Tikvah – activists for the welfare of the city’s residents, members of the LGBTQ Community and their families. And in a broad partnership with our local community organizations and many other organizations. IGY – Israel Gay Youth, The Aguda – Israel’s LGBT Task Force, Ma’avarim – Israeli Trans Community, Israel Hofsheet – Be Free Israel), and great many more!

Want to join the production team? take the stage? engage in some form just don’t know how? Here’s the way! >>

On this note, we will hold our rally in the city that was ranked second from last, only ahead of Bnai Brak, in February 2018, in the Israel Hofsheet Freedom Index. This is the fifth largest city in Israel!

Recently, our team has faced many difficulties and challenges from the field – a trans teen who was urged by his school’s management to stay in the closet, a child of two mothers who was refused entry to preschool, a youth sent to an LGBT-focused social worker in another city, because we don’t have one; suicide attempts by LGBTQ youth, against the background of bullying, homophobia and bigotry.

To our delight, we have found within the municipality and in our incoming mayor Rami Grinberg an attentive ear and a willingness to act in order to ensure security, freedom and equality for the residents of the city, members of the LGBTQ Community and their families!
With our mayor signing the Declaration of the Council Heads on the Rights of the LGBTQ Community in the Cities and Local Councils, and efforts at forming a connection with the local community and this declaration of intentions to improve the lives of the youth and families living in the city have led us to believe that we are at the beginning of a joint and meaningful process of progressive citizenship!

In this spirit, our rally will not only mark the close of the season of Israel’s Pride and Tolerance Event & Parades for 2019, but also Petah Tikva’s Pride and Tolerance Week! This week will be sponsored by the city of Petah Tikva and led by our local pride team, between the dates of August 1 and August 7 for the first time in our city’s history!

We invite you to join us with a call for free love!

Mark your calendars and prepare your flags …
• More details coming soon •
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