Wed 10 October 2018 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Kanta Studio - Carlebach 14, Tel Aviv, 60 NIS

You are invited and invited to an evening full of joy
Of connections, movement, play, intimacy, breathing,
Playback theater and psychodrama
Meetings with old and new friends
Three hours of freedom … a break from the rush of life, for the benefit of life itself.
Dance, motivate life energy, meet ourselves, meet the others around us,
To feel, to express, to laugh, to fool, and to ventilate the soul a bit.

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Towards the opening of the Playback and Psychodrama Group (cycle 15) – a deep and moving journey of discovery, self-discovery, acceptance, belonging and change.

We will learn to create intimacy, improve communication skills and the quality of our relationships.
We will explore the forces, beliefs, patterns of thought and behavior that govern our lives.
We will learn hidden parts of ourselves and learn to express, accept and love what is.
We will make significant changes and practice in becoming who we want to be.

From 17.10 and Wednesday evening, for six months, Studio “Kenta”, Tel Aviv.

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So what actually happens in the group ??
During each session we will experience a dynamic circle, meditation, playback and psychodrama,
We will experience the strength of the group and the power of this moment,
And create real and meaningful changes in our lives.

Playback is an improvisation theater based on life stories,
In an exciting and experiential process we will learn to play on stage,
We will learn to reinvent ourselves over and over, from moment to moment,
We will practice the perfection of creativity and spontaneity,
We will try new response and behavior options,
Both on stage and off stage.

Psychodrama is an entry into the drama of the mind, to explore and heal.
A dynamic circle is in fact a unique group dynamics,
Which aims to expose all our relationship strategies with the world,
In order to practice more effective strategies.

We will practice being together, with authenticity and intimacy.
We’ll practice being open to opportunities that knock on our door every minute,
To speak the truth and to be freed from the patterns of thinking that limit us,
Most importantly, create a new movement within ourselves and within life.

The group will open on Wednesdays from 17.10
Between 20:00 and 23:00, at the studio “Canta” in the center of Tel Aviv (opposite the Cinematheque)
Carlebach 14, two minutes from HaShalom interchange, has a parking lot under the building.
** The number of places in the group is limited

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