Sun 2 October 2022 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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The Experience:

An hour long process through movement, breath-work and music, Internal Flight draws from shamanic rituals, trance state research, and breath-work practices.

Internal Flight is a journey to reclaim our sense of freedom. An invitation to put aside our thinking mind and return to our intuitive natural movement.

The Essence:

Imagine taking a moment for yourself. Unloading every burden that’s been weighing on your soul.
Finding a sense of let go, release, and freedom.
Reconnecting to all that is alive deep inside.
Setting off on a journey,
eyes closed.
Shutting off all the background noises, the external comparisons and criticism,
and opening your eyes inwards, into yourself.
Guided by music from shamanic worlds,
one that vibrates deep in your heart,
one that moves blockages in your stomach that are asking to be transformed.
And surrendering
to the natural and intuitive movement that’s asking to sprout from within.
To allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone,
even for a moment
to explore and discover more and more hidden layers within.
To ignite renewed energy.
And put your hearts desires back in motion.
To move,
in flow,
and allow the full expression of any emotion that arises from within.

• Registration in Advance:
• Hagar – 0544484403
• Price – 120₪
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