Thu 27 February 2020 | 11:55 pm
The Block - Salame 157, Tel Aviv,

It’s been months that we are sitting and thinking how to make u detached, open your head and and go out from the known world

What if we would say that we have one night of detachment From the real world, one night with one real purpose , night to just enjoy!

A Night that u won’t need all the story and filters.

A night that combines the number one underground club, with the biggest techno artists in Israel.

Line up:
We connected the best of Israeli techno artists to one evening that you will memorize.


Naor Nurieli
The central stage of the block is going to be clouding and flooding, moving and lifting.
Take you as far as possible on the wings of imagination.
People follow him as piously as a cult.
His music gives him the opportunity to speak only through her.
And she just says it all.

Magit Cacoon
Today’s senior DJ is in Israel and there is a reason for that.
Every stage, every square that meets Magit , is swept behind her like A spell from ancient times.
Alongside countless major performances abroad, she returns to a short Israeli tour of her favorite music venue, The Block Club.

With a lineup like that, you really shouldn’t talk too much.
Artists like Chaim, Magit, nurieli, and you’ll see who else are the first and largest line of artists in our country.
Especially Chaim , between Ibiza and Berlin, makes sure to dedicate a slot or two in a diary for performances to the local fan audience.

Uriah clapter
Just for a moment, let us live for two days in the massive case of Uriah. We don’t ask for more. that’s it.


Noya – our beloved
If we told you that her path as a DJ was only started a year and a half ago, you wouldn’t believe it, but that’s the truth!
Since then, she has quickly become one of the hottest names in the scene and a sought-after guest in every club and production is considered in the country.

Yes yes, all the biggest ones will be on the block that night.
The main resident of the Nituk group will come to a crazy set.

Sean doron b2b saraga
It doesn’t stop, it just overcomes, in every set, every broad, any moment, it’s the main event.
Probably when two like Sean Doron and saraga share a position.

adam ten b2b mitagami
Just exaggerating what’s going on here and we’re dying for it!

To the legendary lounge room we have recruited the best of the detachers in Israel.
Lounge at nituk residents:

Bar aizner benjamin
Ilia & Malka
Nico & Gionist
Juv & ben lifshitz
Niv Megidish
Asaf Peer And MaoRi Anav
elin Liso And Oded Bar Nur

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