Mon 1 May 2017 | 8:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Rothschild Boulevard 55 - Rothschild Boulevard 55, Tel Aviv, 70 NIS

Independence is all about liberation and freedom.
So this Independence day we are liberating you from the stuffy smokey clubs of TLV in to the fresh air of our magical garden in the heart of the city (Rothschild).
The funkiest most sizzling lineup in town in the most beautiful location.
Early bird tickets are available for the ridicules price of 40 shekel and the cheapest bar in town.

Independane Magic Jungle Dream TechnoDoom Rabi Partyyy

At Independence day, Monday May 1st, we will hold a * Jungle * Jumpy * Sensual * Rhythmical * Primeval * Hafla* and many more positive and appealing adjectives and infinitives.

There will be more Independence parties, which is great, so here are some points for you to figure out if this is YOUR vibe of a party:

1. We are preparing the coolest colourful location on a huge Jungle garden between 2 building on 55 Rotschild st.

2. Music to dance as for electronic music to le-hitkarhen (ask a locals for trans) that will lift you up to parallel universes’ jungles!

4. It’s THE magic_Jungle_ThecNodoom_Rabi_Dreams guys, so wearing a costume / makeup / capes / tails / unicorns / tutu is awesome!

5. You are allowed to bring your grandma

Opening hrs & info:

Starting: 20:00
Estimated lights out: Till last one standing

Pre sale early birds: 30 NIS
Pre sale: 40 NIS
Attendings: 50-70 NIS

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