Wed 31 May 2023 | 9:00 pm - 11:30 pm
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«Incompetence» is a label and creative community that brings together like-minded musicians who practice a multidisciplinary approach. Each artist’s visual and ideological components are equal to music and songs. So concerts are often transformed into performances, and performances and music/live videos are often artistic statements. «Incompetence» supports a creative method based on improvisation and absurdity, this can be heard in almost any release by artists and friends of the label.

This new, so to speak, theatrical and musical wave emerged in Moscow in the mid-2010s, it draws inspiration from the 80s Soviet underground on the one hand, and the legacy of Moscow conceptualists and the New Artists community of the 70-ies on the other. After the outbreak of war in Ukraine, many had to leave Russia and try to find new creative approaches. Among them, artists and friends of the label settled in Israel – Inturist, Dima Midborn, Alien Delon, and others.

Inturist is an alter ego of Evgeny Shmukler (Gorbunov). He explores post-Soviet trauma and transfers memories of it to the contemporary context and now to the context of other countries. The approach of Inturist is based on improvisation. Stylistically the project’s music is close to the Soviet underground (Soviet new wave, post-punk, free jazz, etc.). The project’s lineup is constantly changing, from a solo act or duet to a four-piece band. In addition to his musical work, Inturist is a theatrical project; his latest album is a radio play called “Stranger,” a full-fledged absurdist piece where voices and narrative are intertwined with abstract musical ornament.

Dima Midborn is an avant-rock project of a Tel-Aviv-based musician who takes a minimalist approach to music: he recorded his first album using only three instruments – a bass, voice, and a drum machine. His concerts are based equally on songs and improvisation, whether it is a three-piece band or a solo performance with a bass and a drum machine. The music draws inspiration from New York No-Wave bands of the 80s.

Alien Delon is the solo electro/new-wave project of Moscow/Tel-Aviv-based Ilya Dmitriev.
He produced and participated in various projects over the years, such as POEXXXALI, LAVA, CELEBRINE, JEWRHYTHMICS to name a few.
His solo live set is highly inspired by his favorite Dutch scene of the early 2000s, such as Legowelt, Orgue Electronique, and Dopplereffekt.

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