Wed 20 December 2017 | 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Rise Tel Aviv - 54 Ahad Ha’am Street, Tel Aviv,

Would you like to join a side project that will help lonely adults or improve the lives of children and adults with disabilities and disabilities?

join us!

This time, we will bring together programmers, designers, marketing people and product personnel with the people who face the most interesting social challenges – the welfare and social services officials of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality.

Administration officials will come to the stage and present the challenges they face as well as their ideas for solutions in order to build groups that will be able to build digital products that will meet these challenges.

Here are the ideas:

1 – Transportation for medical examinations for the elderly

There are many veteran citizens in the city and many of them do not have the vehicle or the ability to drive. Many of them live in neighborhoods that are not well connected with public transportation (to say the least).

These elderly people are required to visit quite frequently (more or less) at the HMOs or with doctors who are not necessarily located close to them.

The elderly do not always want to ask their children / grandchildren because they do not want to be a burden. Taxis is of course a pretty expensive business and not everyone can finance it.

Debbie Goldman, a social worker from the Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality, had the idea of ​​making it easier for the elderly to arrive by connecting them to volunteers who could drive them to the various tests (even in one direction).

The tests are usually determined a lot in advance and it is not a last-minute ride.

2 – Equal distribution of food baskets for the holiday

Every year around the various holidays are distributed hundreds and sometimes thousands of food packages to the needy by a large number of different associations.

Of course, there is not one body that integrates the entire distribution activity, and as a result there are families who receive several packages while others do not even receive one package.

Dikla (social worker at the social services administration of the Tel Aviv – Jaffa municipality) very much wants to see an equal distribution so that everyone will receive and there will be no hungry people and children on holiday.

Dikla needs people who can provide a technological solution that will facilitate an equitable and fair division.

3 – Strengthening the sense of independence of youth with disabilities

One of the beautiful ideas that will be raised at the event next week speaks about raising the sense of independence of young people with disabilities.

The idea is quite simple: there are youth with disabilities who find it difficult to find temporary jobs in vacations or between different programs. These are boys and girls with a high level of functioning that any business can enjoy from good and dedicated workers.

*** It’s not about making a donation but about creating a win-win for everyone ***

The idea was raised by Ronit Yaron, a social worker who saw an opportunity when a store owner turned to her in search of someone she would like to work the day after the mother of a girl who sought employment for her home approached her.

Ronit needs guys (keys / designers / marketers) who will be happy to help her take the idea one step further.

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