Tue 20 November 2018 | 7:15 pm - 10:15 pm
Checkpoint - HaSulelim 5, Tel Aviv,

Relations with our manager are always complex and sometimes even charged and frustrating. Almost everyone has stories about his manager who does not understand him, does not promote him, or just does not do the right thing. One of the things we are not told is that we can easily improve our relationship with the principal through simple methods, and reach a situation where we are able to achieve much more. It’s called “manage your manager” and believe it or not – your managers would be dead to do it. 

Miri Kuryal, until recently VP of Development at the start-up company, Tonara is a graduate of the Technion in Computer Science with honors and 25 years of experience in managing development in large and small high-tech companies, including 12 years as vice president of development in various companies. In addition to technology, its passion was effective management, building winning teams, developing employees and growing the next generation of managers. In recent years, she has also been mentoring high-tech executives who want to scale up.

As a manager and mentor, Miri has repeatedly experienced the pain of running inside the company, and the communication gaps between the manager and the subordinates, even at the highest levels. She developed practical methods and tips for bridging the gaps and achieving successful cooperation between the echelons. She believes that relationships with the principal are the most important relationships in the workplace, and that if we decide to examine them and invest in them a bit, we can dramatically improve our achievements and work satisfaction. 

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