Fri 8 March 2019 | 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Vardiel 17 - Vardiel 17, Tel Aviv,

The large business fair for women is underway. And why not on International Women’s Day ??

*** Second hand sale to women
*** Selling natural cosmetics, free from chemicals, enriched with oils and herbs.
*** A set of DJ Moran Paz will give you the pony
*** Traffic workshops on our perfect roof
*** Especially worth selling stands
*** And other surprises

Admission is free!
The workshops are subject to early registration, and lectures are subject to availability

~ There will be sniffing drivers as we know ~
Where are all your companies?
Bring them with you to a feminine celebration that is all one big level for the women of the south-east of the city

All details are here


** All workshops are suitable for 15-20 (depending on the activity). People only, on our ruined roof, promise your place!

We will start at 12:00 with Sanskrit female yoga under the direction of the Queen, from the neighborhood of Hatikva, Aya Porat, a dynamic yoga instructor for days of good, bad and unknown!
** For women only

To register –

We will continue at 13:15 with the amazing Gali Ben Gera, who will deliver a unique Yoga workshop for pregnant women, also from Hatikva neighborhood, who practices and teaches the Hatha Vinyasa Yoga that fits all of them just as they are!

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And finally we will finish at 14:30 with the demolition of the Shapira neighborhood, Noa Frumerman that will give us a free movement session or his free voice call session.
Noa is a yoga teacher and a dancer. Yoga and movement with Noa

** Designed for men and women!

To register –

All workshops are pre-registered and paid by the Danana method after participation



Women stunning space with their perfect business
Will fill the first floor –

Initiated and creates a series of travel CDs for “Tovit Neizer”, coming all the way from Yad Eliahu, with a special booth.
Ototo joy ride

Another true company from Eliyahu, the amazing Eva Axelrod will bring us Kimaya – Natural Care
Natural and ecological care, organic deodorants, body creams, candles and other surprises.

The entire experience will be won by DJ Moran Paz from the Yad Eliyahu neighborhood in Jerusalem, kicking yeast to the great Divas of all periods and more.

Louisa, a resident of the Hatikva neighborhood, is a Naturopathic specialist in reflexology and is a leader in self-help workshops.

And how not? Orly from Hatikva will present her colorful, delicate and flattering design in a bohemian style. Fashion Jewelry – Chic-Bohochic Chaos

And what will not we eat?
From the Ezra neighborhood, we will get a delicious meal, which prepares delicious desserts, cakes of yeast and other small and special desserts, handmade with personal touch and love, with an emphasis on the quality of the products.

And if that’s not enough, then there’s Dana Chen – headdress designer – Primadonna.tlv Primadona from Kiryat Shalom, who designs headgear / ribbons / handkerchiefs. Most of the head coverings are sewn with a pocket that helps to tie the kerchief – each unique and innovative binding is unique.

Shoval Friedrich Insurance Agent – Family and Individual Risks Manager – checks for multiple insurance, locating lost funds and helping to put together an insurance basket that needs a suitable price.

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