Wed 8 August 2018 | 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv - 21 Levontin st, Tel Aviv,

How do you make sure you have a pension? The workshop that will save your savings

Pension savings are undoubtedly one of the most important economic issues for all of us – many of us will save millions of shekels throughout our lives as employees. On the other hand, this is a topic that most people hear more or less like Chinese. So how do you make a pension order?

We are happy to invite you to a comprehensive workshop that will arrange your pension and teach you everything you wanted to know and did not dare ask about long-term savings – and of course how to choose the right pension product for you, how to bargain for management fees (and save hundreds of thousands of shekels in a phone call with Your agent!), And what are the interests that drive this industry in Israel.

In the workshop we will learn about pensions, where savings are saved and how savings are saved (pension funds, managers’ insurance, provident funds and supplementary training funds). We will be familiar with important elements in pension savings (loss of work ability and life insurance). We will learn how they can work on us and how we will bargain effectively. The workshop provides practical tools so you can implement them now. Of course, there is nothing to fear – the content of the workshop is delivered in a simple language that is also adapted to people without prior background or knowledge.

* Workshop Details *

Part 1 Pension is not a dirty word, so what is it? In this meeting we will learn about pension and understand the components of pension savings, with an emphasis on loss of work ability and life insurance. In addition, we will understand how it is right to manage the savings in relation to the amount of personal deposits and pension wages.

Part 2 | What pension products are on the market? And what are management fees? In this meeting, we will learn in a clear and accessible manner about the pension products: pension fund, executive insurance, provident fund, study fund. We will also understand the effect of the management fees on our pension.

Part 3 | What more? In this session we will receive practical tools, emphases and tips for different intersections during the career, for example – what are the important decisions at the beginning of a new job that we need to receive? What aspects must be checked in front of the workplace? What are the actions that must be taken at the end of work? We will learn more, a simple method for reading annual reports and a purposeful guidance on compensation.

* About the lecturer *

The workshop is led by Gideon Galstein, founder of the Pruta Venture, a financial education initiative.

Gideon Galstein, is involved in the development of social services. Holds an investment marketing license from the Israel Securities Authority and a pension license on behalf of the Ministry of Finance. He has extensive knowledge of the capital market and financial products. As part of his work at the Pioneer investment house, he has treated wealthy clients from Israel and Eastern Europe in a holistic and personal approach (Multi Family Office).
An expert in pension savings and insurance products.

On a penny Financial Education Project:
The project was born out of a desire to help make informed decisions and to become familiar with the intricacies of terms and programs in the financial fields.

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