Wed 31 August 2016 | 12:15 am - 11:59 pm
xEilat Port - Eilat Port, Eilat, 95 NIS

Houdna Orchestra, guest singer: Damisu Balata
African Party With Hathew Jazz Band Red Note | Wednesday 24:15

A theme for Hodna Orchestra, guest singer: Damisu Balata
In the lively and dusty streets of south Tel Aviv, where tens of thousands of migrant workers, refugees and asylum seekers live from Africa, a hudna orchestra, an ethio jazz band and an original Israeli acrobat have been born. They began operating five years ago, around a club in southern Tel Aviv called Hodna. A group of 12 musicians, young Israeli musicians, curious and creative, who grew up in the tradition of jazz, and became familiar with the culture of the African countries in general, and Ethiopia and Eritrea in particular, countries whose representatives are also close neighbors. The ability to communicate and work with singers and musicians who grew up in a rich musical tradition was a tremendous gift, an inexhaustible fountain of knowledge and inspiration.

Hodna, who is also an independent collective and a record label, left South Tel Aviv and integrated into the evolving scene of the genre known as Israprican music. A genre that is also a journey of study and exploration, to the African origins of Western popular music, and adds a great deal of rhythm and authenticity to the local scene. The deepening of East African music and the rich culture of Ethiopian music have inspired original and poignant works, wide-ranging compositions, and exciting new collaborations. Ilan Smilan, composer and guitarist, Hudna’s artistic and musical director, and one of the most prominent artists in the Israeli-African wing, is responsible for many of the materials.

Houdna puts a lot of emphasis on sound, combining analog recording equipment and state-of-the-art digital equipment, and winks at the sound of the heyday of Ethiopian jazz and pop music in Addis Ababa in the 1960s and 1970s. In the same vein, they also make sure to release their singles in their favorite hot vinyl format. In June 2015 they launched their first studio album, collaborating with Kutiman, Karolina, Esther Rada and Gili Yalu, and were praised and loved by the audience.

In Hodna, Houdna will host Ethiopian singer Damiso Balata, with whom they have collaborated in the past. Damiso, who grew up in the club scene of Addis Ababa and was influenced by veteran Ethiopian singers such as Mahmoud Ahmed and Talhoun Gassa, bought himself a name when he started writing original songs for himself, with the words witches and feelings that stood out in the distance. With Demisu, Houdna will perform the song “Elam”, a world full of Amhara. Indeed, the experience of collaborations and encounters with first-rate creators of Ethiopian music and music of East Africa, first-hand learning, is for them a whole world. A world created out of place, manages to merge head to head the big band and jazz with Ethiopian music and local collections. Houdna is a unique combination of a tight, elegant bras, well-tailored suits, and a vibrant African rhythm division.

Two years ago, members of the hudna staged a performance at a sand dunes facility, with musicians and asylum seekers who were imprisoned there. Despite the extraordinary situation, it was an excellent performance as usual. Houdna felt it right to connect with the detainees in the facility, to let them express themselves, to make them happy, to speak in the language of common sounds. We did not need words, they said after the performance, we have a tool that bridges the music.

Ilan Smilan Guitar
Tomer Tzuk Keyboards
Amir Fields Bass
Elad Gellert Baritone Saxophone
Eilon Toschner Tenor saxophone
Rum two alto sax
Uri Zelinger Trombone
Itamar Ben Yakir Trumpet
Shachar Bar Conga drums
Rani Birnbaum, Raz Eitan Percussion
Matan Assayag Drums

Special guest
Demisu stood out

Photo: Vera Bella
Duration: about 75 minutes

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