Thu 3 November 2016 | 9:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Bunny Chow TLV - Shuk Hacarmel 13, Jaffa-Tel Aviv, FREE

Imagine how you would like to celebrate this Halloween –
The Kerem’s alleys decorated in Halloween scenery. Beautiful people with awesome energy dancing to the great sound of global beats music. Kombucha and alcohol running down your throat sinking in and lifting you up from your chair. South African food filling up your stomach. All that with the perfect combination of wireless headphones that opens a new dimension and gives you the opportunity to dive in, feel the sounds and vibrations and dance your heart out.. and then.. in the middle of the madness, for one moment, take your headphones off and be exposed to the magnificent sight of a huge crowd of people dancing in frenzy, and all around complete silence…
Headphones rental requires a deposit of an ID card
Price: First 50 headphones – 10 NIS, The rest – 20 NIS which lncludes a Kombucha Chaser.
On the Beat – DJ AMIR PEER
KOMBUCHA – A bubbly, fizzy, slightly sweet slightly sour fermented tea full of Probiotics, vitamins, enzymes amino acids and a tiny bit of alcohol to get you that healthy buzz! Flavors include Pineapple Mint, Apple Ginger, Mojito and Peach. Mixes amazing with Arak, Vodka, Whisky and Tubi, so come grab your favorite flavor and a cocktail!
BUNNY CHOW – South African curry in a rice bowl or on a sandwich that will satisfy your tastebuds and fill your belly. Available in vegan, beef or chicken, and comes with all the fixin’s.

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