Sat 27 October 2018 | 1:15 pm - 4:00 pm
Cinemateque - Shprintsak Street 2, Tel Aviv,

A cinematic encounter with Agi Mishol.
The fascinating and multifaceted portrait of one of Gurdjieff’s veterans in Israel, as a cultural hero whose one foot is rooted in Israeli society and the other in the inner work world.

About the lecturer:
Agi Mishol – Israeli poet

The film will be screened:
Be present. Ilan Amit ‘s Journey
Director: Ofer Yanov
Producers: Ilana Toren Amit, Ofer Yanov
Israel, 2018, 50 minutes. Hebrew, English translation.

A spiritual and thought journey by Dr. Ilan Amit, mathematician and writer. At the same time, he engaged in the “inner work” of the Gurdjieff method as an apprentice and later as a teacher, and later turned to an independent path. Among his students: poet Agi Mishol and Dr. Avner Glicklich. He studied Tai-Chi after blinding himself at the age of 47 and persisting for more than 20 years until his death. The trauma of blindness afforded Ilan unique perspectives in his search; Ilan sought meaning. For him, the key to meaningful human existence was “presence.” Later he shed frames and opinions and developed a unique and courageous way. He disliked esotericism and sought a way to combine his spiritual world with that of young Israel.

Saturday, 27.10.18 at 13:15
A spiritual film festival at the Tel Aviv Cinemateque

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