Mon 8 October 2018 | 4:30 pm - 9:15 pm
Hod Hasharon - Hod Hasharon, Hod Hasharon,

Growth – the workshop for realizing a positive change in lifestyle!

The perfect solution for creating a powerful, high-energy life
With a calm and focused mind and a vital body free from any stress or pain

The workshop is held in Hod Hasharon
In an intimate group of up to 6 participants
5 sessions of 5 hours
Two new dates were opened: an evening course on Mondays, a morning course on Tuesdays

High energy, focus, power and good health
They are the key to success in all areas of life
With ‘Anandao’ your body will feel different!

We promise you a new focus in just 5 sessions!
5 sessions of empowerment, investigation, learning and assimilation
The Art of Good Life – Anandao!

In the “Growth” workshop, you will learn the most important factor in balancing and strengthening the routine.
The combination of changing the mind and moving the body real change can only occur through the transformation of movement, sound and correct thought.

You will get the tools to solve the challenges you encounter on a daily basis. Whether it is stress relief, back pain, lack of energy, sleep problems, restless head, emotional flooding. Everything can be changed.

With the right tools you can not only solve existing problems but also prevent future problems.

So it’s time to feel wonderful, to experience satisfaction and power.
Stop letting life pass by you
Start doing what you really love
And listen to what your body and soul need.

We all have no time, it’s a small investment of time and resources for a great change that will change the quality of life for you!

Anandao’s guiding principle is that each person is special and your challenges and needs are special and your desires and dreams are special. Precisely because of this, the solution should be tailored to you personally. In the workshop we will tailor you personal tools and personal nutrition,
Tailored to your specific needs and routine.

And … we do not leave you alone!
Intensive accompaniment during and after the course
In classes
In Couching
In the wattsap group
In cyber studio exercises at home
And shared challenges

Both during and after the course you will get free access to online practice at Cyber ​​Studio. Thus we ensure independent practice and continued development at home.

What will you get in the workshop?

1. Practice in an intimate group of up to 6 participants, including:
– How to maintain a high-energy life
– Techniques for deep release of stress, pain and fatigue.
– Relaxation of mental and mental overload.
– Promotes blood circulation, detoxification and cell regeneration.
– Collecting and routing energy.
– Create silent focus and clarity.
Among the exercises: three-dimensional movement, spiral, circular, breathing, stretching, flexibility, reinforcement, twisting, guided imagery and more.

2. Characterization:
– What part of me determines how I am?
– What kind of person am I and how does this affect?
– What are my needs?
– External and internal factors and effects?
– How to balance and influence!

3. Nutrition:
– The effect of nutrition on the body and mind.
– What are the principles for healthy nutrition?
– What is your exact diet?
– My personal diet plan!

4. Implementing the change:
– Strategies for creating long-term change.
– Build a personal action plan tailored to your needs, challenges, time and routine!
– All the course content is accessible on-line for practicing by phone, computer or smart TV throughout and after the course.
– Where do I go from here?

Who we are?
Noa and Ralph – partners, partners, students, teachers and experts in yoga, nutrition and martial arts – Chi Kung, Tai Chi and Kung Fu. We have also gone through many years of stress, stress and worry after years in high-tech, and the accumulation of negative emotions with direct effects on the body. We reached the point of no return, the collapse was the point where we realized that we must change, and as soon as possible.

The search for answers led us to a journey of 12 years of learning in the Wu Dang Mountains of China and teaching hundreds of people within the framework of the School of Oriental Arts, which we founded in 2005 in Germany.

From here, the road to Anandao was short. We were looking for the best framework by which we could convey to the general public the ancient knowledge we brought from China in combination with the many methods we have collected from the best teachers around the globe. Today we live half in Germany and half in Israel. And happier.
The method, Anandao combines techniques of yoga, soft martial arts (chi kung and tai chi), subliminal work and proper nutrition.

Invite you to join the journey that will improve your quality of life!
Remember! Your commitment is to release the pain once and for all!

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