Fri 9 March 2018 | 8:00 pm - 11:59 pm
The Prince - Nahalat Binyamin 18, Tel Aviv,

Group Design Exhibition Opening Gala
♥ Saturday, 09/03/19 | 20:00 | Prince Nachlat Benyamin 18 Tel Aviv
♥ Exhibition Income Donate to the bottom of the struggle against trafficking in women and prostitution
♥ The entrance is free
♥ The exhibition will be open Sunday through Thursday between 17:30 – 00:30 The

reality on the day after the METOO campaign I complained, The world in general and Israel in particular to a boiling point. After a year of social protests, the women’s strike, and the passing of the law to incriminate prostitution consumers in Israel, was born “beautiful to you!”

“Beautiful for you!” – a multi-disciplinary multi-disciplinary design and art exhibition that deals with women’s issues, hope, protest and rebellion – as they come from the works of designers and artists who work in the Israeli public and virtual space.

About 100 works were donated to the exhibition and all will be shown in a fixed format of 20 x 20 cm and will sell for 500 NIS or more. The event’s income will contribute to the fight against trafficking in women and prostitution.

Behind the initiative is Tamar Moshinsky, a graphic designer specializing in design for social change, who promotes creative design and visual, feminine, activist work; Jasmine Ben Shachar and Gal from thisisus, two young Tel Aviv women who work to raise awareness and change consciousness in the context of violence and sexual abuse; And Simona Katzman, an active designer and creative artist and recently also part of the curatorship team of the final exhibition in the Visual Communications Department at Bezalel.

The exhibition’s initiatives, as well as the 100 artists and artists who take part in it, chose the design as a tool for genuine, genuine social change, in an effort to rehabilitate the gaps, connect the poles, and especially to create a more just, beautiful and better society.

For interested in purchasing jobs, volunteering in the exhibition and / or in helping to produce the event – we will be happy to tell you more details and of course to answer any questions.

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