Sun 21 July 2019 | 9:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Kuli Alma - Mikve Yisrael 10, Tel Aviv,

John’s concert choir Ben Ari except = Hip Hop tropical capacitors shamanic
Yes Yes

+ rustic accommodation of Roy Tal Tirngl (songs balcony)
+ atmosphere of holiness (the agreement)
+ free admission

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Hey generation
I like Ben Ari and I are a writer, screenwriter and journalist. A decade ago, to get out of hardcore depression, I went into a combination of shamanism and practical acceptance. I heard all hip-hop and tropicillia and I went back and asked zigzag, and I committed suicide for everything that looked like a crack through which I could change, until I actually died in a few ways, more or less sexy. – And in the end, not that there is an end, I came out of the other side of death really alive – and with 11 songs that seemed to me to be working.

The choir of the choir, which functions here as a choir and a rhythm section, is the community that has formed around these songs. Today, we are tied to 47 people, and we look like a drop-cry, like a family, cult, hyper-utopian community, and a kest of advertising for yogurt. We are between the ages of 20 and 60, musicians, actors, writers, computer programmers, teachers, animators, production workers, journalists, soldiers, shamans, and one beautiful, indescribable chef.

Among the performers:

Daniel Kitzis Me – Ran Menkes Above the Cascades Yarin Dadush Rotem Bar Or Amir Somer Uri Wertheim Anat Moshkovsky Amit Zafrir Roni Danon Uri Ran Hadas Ran Erez Ran Reut Timor Shira Sheles Shachar Ackerfeld Lior Amsterdsky Hadas Yaron Guy Menkes Her father Amram Odeya Guetta Boaz Krauser Eyal Gozani Galia Ester Ora Yuval Perry Yael Dushy Aviv Peck Sivan Borinski Omer Friedman Roni Amiel Noy Dembo Chen Krasny Jonathan Marcus Itel Daskal July Shafriri

Explode Celebs.

Proud of missiles to host our lives Roi Kafri + Tal Tirangal

Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings Ltd. 2006 Annual Report

| Mikve Israel 10

Doors open: 21:00
concert begins roof: 22:30

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