Mon 29 October 2018 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Anna Loulou Bar - 2 Hapninim street, Jaffa-Tel Aviv,

Granta Hebrew edition is pleased to invite you to join a special reading and discussion inspired by May Marie Ziada (1886-1941), poet, translator, and philosopher. the correspondence between May Marie Ziyada and Jubran Khalil Jubran (First time In Hebrew!) was published in our latest issue: TEXTING YOU.

A Palestinian-Lebanese journalist and activist born in Nazareth, one of the pioneers of Arab feminism. Ziadah published articles in the press, poetry books, novellas, and biographies, and managed the most famous literary salon in the Arab world. Among other things, she was credited for publishing the work of Jubran Khalil Jubran.

During the evening, Jeanne Bassol will talk with Dr. Lana Wahba, Dr. Akhlas Alkalak and the poet and writer Sheikha Halwa. We will read texts, letters and explore essential moments in Ziadah’s life, her profound influence on contemporary Palestinian feminist literature, the literary contexts currently existing between Cairo and Palestine, and female writing in general.

You are all welcome!

About Participants:

Jeanan Bassol (1990), journalist, literary editor and translator, member of the Machtov translators’ group – a series of translations of prose and western poetry published by the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and a research fellow at the Forum for Regional Thinking. Previously a reporter at TheMarker and a literary columnist in the Haarerz Gallery

Sheikha Halawiya – (1968) Writer and poet, BA in Education and Language and Arabic Literature and MA in Arabic and Islamic Studies. A doctoral student at the University of Haifa. Teacher and coordinator of Arabic language and literature at the Terra Santa School in Jaffa. She writes and develops educational programs at the Center for Educational Technology (CET), writes and publishes for children and adults.

Dr. Lana Wahba – MA in Haifa University, the subject of the study: The design of the main characters in the novels of Ghassan Kanafani, PhD in Tel Aviv University, PhD: Design of the female character in the novels of Syrian writers from the period of 2010 to 2010 (What is the Ottoman period? ) Has published articles on Arab feminism in the past

Dr. Akhalas Alkalak – Doctor of Arabic Language. Her research in the second degree dealt with the masculine figure in the literature of Ghada al-Saman, and her doctoral research dealt with the poetics of Arabic female literature. In female literature and poetics, and teaches in Tresanta, Jaffa.


This is the first event in a series of readings & discussion with authors and artists on the occasion of the publication of the Granta Hebrew Issue# 8: TEXTING YOU.

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