Fri 6 December 2019 | 1:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Mondo 2000 - Levinsky 36, Tel Aviv,

Levinsky Market has been resting during the week …

But when Friday comes, just as noon begins to flash, the market begins to rumble, overflow and flood the entire neighborhood …

Shocks of a market crash on nearby buildings and sometimes the flow gets right and the waves are strong enough These come as far as the roof above the market – the Mondo 2000. And
there after Brunch or Lunch who just collects the Middle East of Tel Aviv that never stops reuniting into one fascinating story, the
music evolves as well, enveloping us in this cozy Levinskay vibe, which is both innovative and ancient, also Oriental ethnic but also super-western, such a nectar of Tel Aviv.
Eating, dancing, smiling to the sun that Lat is sinking into the sea that is all spread out in front of us .. And
overall life is beautiful, and hedonism is an inner feeling, and it is mighty.

This week for the position in the living room above the market, will take the wonderful laser beam group command!
They’ve already made names on all the stages in town,
and we’ve left a gaping mouth here with a big smile too,
so obviously they’re here again, and what fun.

Soda Dream

Levinsky 39
Opening Elevators at 1pm
You can save places and celebrate life
at the Mondoist close to your heart, or through our Facebook.
6th floor

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