Thu 27 June 2019 - Sat 29 June 2019 | 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Florentin Neighborhood - florentin, Tel Aviv,

Festival of home performances in Florentine ★ 30 free shows ★ Free beer
among the participants: Echo ★ Kubari ★ Bint El Punk ★ Carmel Akman ★ NOMKE

coming back for the second time!
The spot festival in the living room comes to Florentine. We left everything that mattered (Maccabi) and we came to other musicians who would open the houses and the heart to a perfect intimate experience of music.
For those who were not the last time, Spot in the living room is the most local festival there is and this time we have more than 30 performances in 30 salons in the artists’ homes themselves. The spot this time will take place in Florentine, the neighborhood where every wall, corner and drizzle air conditioner shouting “Art”.

How It Works?
The festival poster will appear on every door of a house that has a performance, for easy orientation.
The entrance is free, the houses await you a refreshing apple cider and cold cold beer – a gesture of love from the brand that puts the local art on the front.
Have you reached the house and there is a sign on the door ‘full performance’? They looked at the calendar of events here and moved to another house in the neighborhood. We will update in real time where full, with who has more room and who the refrigerator with the most drunk magnet. Now it is possible to prepare you in advance for the fact that the performances are expected to be completed half an hour in advance.
Come up and come:

♫♫♫♫♫♫ יום Thursday 27.6.19 ♫♫♫♫♫♫ 19

19:00 אב
Avsha Ilan – “Maybe I Knew Yesterday” – original English songs from two solo albums and some that have not yet been recorded. Jaffa Road 7, 1st floor, Apartment 1
רעות Reut Zorman writes in Hebrew about the most sensitive subjects and wraps them in special melodies ranging from alternative rock, trip hop and soft rock. After a variety of performances she returns to the performance of a fifth house, armed with guitar riffs. Herzl 104, 1st floor, apartment 4.

ש Shoham Tapiaro – a glimpse into virgin versions of the songs, and the little stories behind them. First exposure – new materials Vital 3, 1st floor
יהונתן Jonathan Ram – is our own! The Rising Star of the Music Spot opens the mouth with acoustic alternative rock in Hebrew. Aliya 14, 1st floor, apartment 3.
נו Nomke is a singer-songwriter and musical producer, who creates pop in Hebrew and English (Allenby and Brooklyn). Numaka will sing songs from the new album that will be released this year and will host a secret guest from the neighborhood!
Zevulun 33, 1st floor, apartment 1.
הכ Flying spoon – a female duo in a sparkling electro-wave show. The Kishon 72, 2nd floor, apartment 6.

קוב Kubari – acoustic and intimate performance where new materials and songs will be revealed from the fourth album (!) On the way. Frenkel 7,
ספיר Sapir Wallach – It’s Folk. It’s rock. It’s ethnic and cosmic in a small package and a big voice. Cordobro 10, Ground floor, Apartment 1.
מינוס Minus Zero – are hosted at the home of the flying saucer for a home acoustic show, which will reveal the production and production process of the debut album that will arrive in the fall of 2019. The Kishon 72, 2nd floor, apartment 6.

ליר Liron Ben Shimon – special fusion of East and West, acoustic performance of guitar and Turkish kamcha. Thoughtful texts and sea of ​​soul. Florentin 19, 4th floor, apartment 20. The apartment is accessible.
דניאל Daniel VeHel – An Indie Pop cabaret show with cabaret elements, stand-up comedy, and pop culture. Must see to see! Shlomo 44, 2nd floor
e ea elevators – Hip Hop Live with touches of jazz and sol caressing. Levinsky 78, 3rd floor, apartment 7.


♫♫♫♫♫♫ יום Friday 28.6.19 ♫♫♫♫♫♫

12:00 12:00
תומר Tomer Bitan – Tomer Bitan in an electro-acoustic show. Benvenisti 8, 4th floor, Apartment 14.
כרמל Carmel Ackman – new and old materials in special acoustic versions – Come and join the GEM! Comfort 2, 1st Floor, Apartment 1.

ב Bynet El Punk – Between the traditional and the personal, a unique, intimate and honest meeting between Bint al Funk and the audience! Invite you to a special acoustic concert right before the release of the second album. Come with us on a journey of feeling and pure joy that will allow you to look at the songs straight in the eyes. – Community – Washington Boulevard 20

אינדי Indiana – a summer rock, roll and instrumental rock of the dreadful duo from Indiana – Alonso the Chief. Benvenisti 13, 2nd floor, apartment 10.
יעל Yael Copeland – Sweet Groove of R & B in Hebrew. The Kishon 46, 3rd floor, apartment 7.

אקו Eco – Eko opens the living room and invites you to the celebration of the beautiful feminine feminine. Levinsky 24

♫♫♫♫♫♫ יום Saturday 29.6.19 ♫♫♫♫♫♫

18:00 18:00
נתן Nathan Galili – Native American songs in English and Hebrew. Pioneers 56, 3rd floor, apartment 9.
DJ DJ TAMACO – Tribal music through an oriental disco and an electronic e-house. Shabbat is completely peaceful.

יונתן Jonathan Marcus – Love Songs for Hummus, Ballads on Israeli Reality and African Hebrew rhythm Benvenisti 11, Ground floor, Apartment 1. The apartment is accessible.
R RNV – A solo project by Roni and Danae aka RNV – Wounds and scratches in bandages of electric guitar and vocals from the depths with guitarist Asaf Biron. Frenkel 7, 1st floor, apartment 3.

BI BIJOUX – Rotem Primer’s new solo project, ranging from jazz to modern minimalist electronics. Market 36, 2nd floor, apartment 2.
עדי Adi Shaham – a show based on bass, drum machine and synthesizers. A kicking, powerful show that passes between punk and pop dancing. Mizrachi 19, 1st floor, apartment 1.
שר Sher Niv – ” The Riot of the Sea ”
Songs from the new album on the way.
Blues-Folk-Alternative Rock in the most intimate space. 20, 1st floor

שיר Shir Tal-Ezer – acoustic performance, in a warm and energetic rock-and-roll atmosphere with special texts touching our most personal places. The Kishon 66, 1st floor, apartment 3.
J JONZ – The quartet who travels all over the world has made their travels to music intimate in their living room. Gvulot 13, 2nd Floor, Apartment 6.
יוסי Yossi Almagor – Reggae Classics Reggae in acoustic and personal performance. Eastern 7, Floor 2

♪ Digital Pumpkin – songs and collaborations of digital Pumpkin with Indian Ranrz (Yoav Shoshani)
and Hbibliotkh (Autumn Ben-Shahar, Noam Vardi) – Pioneers 43, 1st floor, Apartment 2
♪ Gil Bar-Hadas – an acoustic performance of the songs of the debut album that correspond with the Israeli music of the 60’s and 70’s. Pioneers 50, 3rd floor, apartment 6.

The project is initiated by the Director of Community Culture and Sport, Department of Arts and in collaboration with the South Community Division South West Space.

About the production – Hagar and the crew (Ayala Gal, Yehonatan Ram and Raz Rosenfarb) from Nobody’s Fault Productions, who produce the event from Music Spot offices – a space for musicians (Yehuda Halevi 49, Tel Aviv).
Public Relations – Nurit Carmel
Digital – Yehuda Meir
Design and Graphics – Elad Elharar

Many thanks to the sound of Ben-Nabat Director of the Arts Department and Leifat Hillel Zvirin, Coordinator of artistic programs for the broad heart, establishing and working together on the festival.
Thanks to the Southern District, thanks to which the festival takes place.
Thanks to the Beer Beer Sheva beer and the support for local art.

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