Thu 16 May 2019 | 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
xNitzanim Beach - Kibbutz Nitzanim, Kibbutz Nitzanim,


Welcome home.

We know, you’ve probably heard some noises and rumors about some thrilling gathering that’s about to happen in our small land.

Something deeper, more conscious that will bring us all back to our roots.

Well, we understood we owe you a few explanations to clear some of the fog, expose you to the near upcoming vision – The Flashback Festival 2019 – Back To Mama India.

As the default path of the Israeli hitchhiker, you found yourself getting out of the army, buying a backpack and a ticket to India, the true journey into your own self.

In the 90s up until 2006 India was one of the most popular locations among hitchhikers and during the big trip the majority of us found ourselves reaching to Goa, Oh Our sweet Goa.

The magical beaches, the red sunset which paints the sky with a variety of bright colors, the feverous parties where everybody turns into one, beating heart and the morning’s sunrise declaring a brand new day.

This magical place that, in fact, left us memories and an aftertaste that will stay with us for life and will always long back to… So, why not?

During the past year merged a group of people who lived in Goa between 1995 to 2006 and were, in fact, the pioneers of the trance scene in those infamous beaches.

The target is clear to all – Taking you on an imaginary journey of the happy, glory days of Vagator Beach.

Putting together, under the big sky and in front of a white beach, all of the tribe’s elders in an exciting gathering with a cosmic atmosphere.

In order to produce the perfect experience rose a team of men (and women) of thought and creativity who took every detail into aspect to a situation you’ll all feel at the right place – Our Goa!

What does it mean?

We have chosen a mesmerizing beach on the soil of our land that will provide us with the spirit of freedom, we’ve planted dozens of coconut trees to decorate the sunset just as we know it, brought gigantic rocks to give a wild look to the view, gathers a “Night Market” which fits exactly to Goa’s Market with artists, stands, and bars you’ll recognize right away,
As well as the mythological Enfield motorbikes, Indian Chai Mamas will greet you, relieving Yoga classes, Indian Cops costumes,
The decoration will be themed on the legacy of psychedelics.. And even the restaurants we found as safe-havens will be present .. Tzuri’s Restaurant, Pazit’s Bolony Toast and touches of the Mango Shake.

These are the details we can expose out there, for now…

Lots more surprises are coming but you’ll have to wait, just a little bit more

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