Tue 14 August 2018 | 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Lev Cinema - Dizengoff Center, Tel Aviv, 40 NIS

A good lot does not happen and therefore, continuing the tradition again we invite you to the cinema with us. This time we offer to indulge in musical nostalgia and watch the film “Summer” by Kirill Serebrennikov.

August 14: 19:00 – collection, 19:30 – start of the show (film in Russian with subtitles in Hebrew and English!)
Cinema Leo Dizengoff, Tel Aviv
The ticket costs 40 shekels.

After August 1 tickets can redeem and receive at the meeting in the Moishe House TLV – RSJ, among Masha Malakh (Ester Hamalka 4, every day from 9 to 18) and Marina Mesengiser (Azrieli center district).
You can also pay for tickets online through PepperPay, PayPal or a translation)

The film tells about the very beginning of the creative path of Victor Tsoi and the group “Cinema”, about his relationship with Mike Naumenko, his wife Natalia and many who were in the forefront of the 1981 Leningrad rock movement.
The film is accused of artificiality and unreliability of events, but the plot does not pretend to do so. Imperfections of “Summer”
they are charming, they make him alive. “Oblivion” need an adequate viewer, able to turn off a movie from multiple contexts (historical, human rights, festival, etc…), And have fun – both on the concert old favorite, familiar heart group, which suddenly sounded as if for the first time.

Separate huge thanks to Faina Novohodskaya for help in organizing the event.

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