Tue 3 April 2018 | 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Cafe Saga - Pinhas 4, Tel Aviv,

Evening Movie # 2 in the Cafe! Yes, you did. There will be a large screen and sound from heaven, and Popcorn – filled with popcorn.

So we wanted to project outside, but it turns out that you are still cold and true. So with the screening in the square we will wait a little while and are invited even without renting headphones, just come to see a movie in a fun, will be warm 🙂

People and places – what about the movie?

The legendary director Anis Varda, 90, and JR – the mysterious photographer and artist with millions of followers in the Instagram – have much in common. Both share a long-standing passion for photography and how they are developed, presented and exposed to people. The affection and mutual esteem leads them to embark on a documented journey through the rural areas of France, where unusual companies are formed in front of the camera between two great artists from different generations and fields, motivated by the spirit of creation and freedom

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