Thu 27 February 2020 | 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm
TLV Makers - Maze 4, Tel Aviv,

After years of creating with the electronic composition Phototaxis that appears throughout Europe,
Yael Feldinger, a deep and distinctive singer-songwriter, is

proud to present her first Hebrew LP, along with Ron Almog and Itamar Gross
, an album that is all parting.
I burned the business – describing a discriminatory empire, the end of a period: “A soft hand with the cloak of your
heart’s blood” The revealing IP in Hebrew describes a painful separation and a controlled recovery.
Songs sharpened and demanded honesty and great courage, “This album is the most honest and cures spent so far, all the work was softly range between soulmates”
“Hebrew requires at peace with yourself, it requires you to hone and never stop to carve the word”
new show will play songs intimate But turbulent in Hebrew and English, the
songs depict brewing on the wick, construction and growth of a home,
where you can move flexibly with all the contrasts.
In the Faldi project in English – the following single: Come Home
Dawn Kaufman on the guitars and soul, Shimon Greenstein on the subtle and soft percussion, Nir Blum on the magnetized bass and together they embark on a show that is all about traveling by the sea, anticipation and memories.

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