Wed 10 April 2019 | 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
WeWork HaZerem - Hapelech 7, Tel Aviv,


Nice to meet – we are your next generation.

If the words sali or subwoofer are spoken to you in a foreign language, if you do not understand why your children are geniuses and yet take out a “simple” test, if you do not know Kevin Robin, Kim Or Azulai, or even Uncle Farouk, -Z and you absolutely must change your thinking towards it. Ye elders;)

The Z generation (born 1995 and above) will account for about 40% of all consumers by 2020, and about 35% of the labor market. And in case you are wondering, this is a new breed of customer that requires cautious and sophisticated marketing strategies or a new breed of employees who care about other values ​​like pleasure, excitement and a sense of belonging over economic security.

The Z generation is alive and well. It is everywhere. It affects, it is exciting, it progresses in giant steps. At the Z Generation conference, 60-year-olds will not talk about the younger generation. Rather, the entire conference will speak from our poor.

The conference will have young stalls that have succeeded and opened a thriving business at the age of 5 stones, fascinating lectures on entrepreneurship for young people and how to find direction in the new world, real marketing for youth, criticism of the outdated education world and other surprises you will have to come to discover for yourself. In addition, there will be a panel of network influencers and public opinion leaders who will explain their tremendous impact on youth and young people.

So if you want to reach your next generation of customers, or understand how to absorb your next employees – insert a stamp for you!

Want to know what will happen at the conference?
17:30 Gathering, booths of young business owners: pastry shop, 3-D printing, slime and more surprises!
18: 15-19: 20 Content! Our speakers will come up one by one and give you thrash:
Yarin Ezekiel on marketing for young people, what does it for you and what’s less.
Noa Hillznert – about entrepreneurship in the Z generation and about everything possible!
Mali Alkobi – about employing young people, how to talk to you and what will do you a good job.
19: 20-19: 30- Break
19: 30-20: 10 Panel of network and network influencers:
Liel Eli – a network star with laughter, who will talk about her career and future plans.
David Sa’ar – who founded Israel Entertainment, you must have been following;)
Or Yaakov – Yotivitiv Super successful!
Uri Tzror – the youngest (and professional) public relations person in the country
Yuval Hess – a leader in video marketing in Israel
20: 10-20: 30 The Z-generation quiz can not tell you anymore, it’ll be crazy!

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