Sun 22 April 2018 | 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Trumpeldor Beach - Trumpeldor Beach, Tel Aviv,

22 April is International Earth Day and in honor of this day we will be offering energised crystals back to the earth for healing and manifesting abundance to the planet.

Krystal Espiral is a community and movement birthed from the teachings of the elders and guides in South America.

By listening to our elders we understand that crystals are beings from the mineral Kingdom that have served humankind for thousands of years.

The people are the memory of each territory, the crystals are the memory of the earth. Our elders in Chile explain that in some places the earth is not filtering the water, causing floods and erosion. The crystals bring strength to the earth to guide or help the waters reach the subterranean rivers, to be filtered, and to keep the water flowing in its cycle. Just like crystal beings empower us, the crystals empower the earth for her mission and nourishment.

We will experience a beautiful crystal-energising ritual and have the opportunity to gift this to Gaia.

When: 6pm
Where: Trumpeldor Beach
What to bring: Friends, something to sit on, crystals (at least one you are happy to gift to the sea), any instruments if you wish


Join us and bring a crystal to offer back to the earth in honor and appreciation of our home, our planet!

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