Thu 11 April 2019 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Binyamin Gallery - Shvil Hameretz 5, Tel Aviv,

Separation, Cladding, Hiding, Breaking: Drywall, the ultimate temporal buffer, stands at the center of a new group exhibition dealing with the division and definition of physical and gender territories.
As part of the Collective Bush exhibition, the artists break the plaster walls with a light hammer wave and expose the power mechanisms behind these dividers, raising questions about body wraps, gender and spatial liminalism, political territories of the body and the relationship to the space as an independent body.
The intention of the exhibition is to challenge those boundaries as we face them.

This is an exhibition of the collective Bush, which works to promote and create a stage for Queer Feminist art, through various platforms, including the creation of pennas, exhibitions, exhibits, lectures and projects.

|| After the opening, the exhibition will last until 10.5 hours during the gallery
|| Tours and conversation can be arranged in advance

Curators: Faina Feigin & Noga Or-Yam

Participating artists:
Yael Meiry
Karam Sage
Layla Nk
RoteMeyers Darling
Jenet Belay
Omri Goldzak
Nasreen Wahidi

DJ: Dudu Zaslavski
Inbar Rost (Discus // taklitoris)

Omri Goldzak
Klara Coral Levy

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