Fri 29 November 2019 | 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
Gelada - Ruhama 9, Tel Aviv,


Domestic tourism is a travel journal in the magical and non-tourist destinations – necessarily of the Land of Israel.

This Friday (11am – 5pm) we will present at the Jalada Studio (Fabric Alley 3) the project from Kiril Cherikover and Jalada Torres in honor of Illustration Week. Original works, prints, mesh prints and murals created in the past year and also in honor and especially.

Cold beer wine and snacks, check.

On the record stand Nir Sheetrit, a spring of good taste.

A little about the project:

Domestic tourism is a local tour from an architectural point of view in Israel’s landscapes and destinations. In response to the same oiled machine of the vast tourism industry of the Holy Land, a different perspective is offered on the key destinations of the same place, from a different angle. The journey on the one hand is romantic, documenting time that has frozen, but on the other hand also devoid of graces. The documented destinations, such as the Haifa refineries, the long-term housing in Israel located in Be’er Sheva and the Tel Aviv Kiryah base, are not necessarily touristy or among the gems of the country. Their look, with a light aroma of ultrasound emulsion and crumb bun crumbs, captures in real-time an illusion that shattered in an instant, on the axis between childhood memory and archaic.

The “domestic tourism” project is brought by Cyril Cherikover and Yaron Mendelowitz. Kirill is a graduate of the Bezalel School of Architecture, a native of Moscow and raised in Jerusalem, who creates and works in Tel Aviv. An architect by day, an illustrator in the evening and DJ at night. Yaron is also a Jerusalemite with South American roots, a graduate of the Geography Department at the Hebrew University. Owner of Jalada Torres, design studio, illustration and travel.

see you later!

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