Wed 5 September 2018 | 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Rothschild Street - Rothschild, Tel Aviv, FREE

We are excited to invite the general public to take part in the unique annual innovation event of Tel Aviv, part of the Middle East’s largest high-tech festival – DLD Tel Aviv. During the evening there will be over 20 different lectures in bars and restaurants along and near Rothschild Boulevard. Pintek, gaming, user experience, music and technology, smart cities, a thriving reality, proud community in high tech, internet of things, psychology of the internet and what not. The whole family and absolutely free.

Rothschild 45 Mindspace Hacking Entrepreneurs and Start-ups are graduates of the Air Force’s software units
Abraxas Financial Technology
Tangier viz. On the bar
Shadal 7 Radio Gaming
Ahuzat Bayit 2 The TASE, Lobby User Experience: Internet of Things
נחלת בנימין 52 Drama, Higher floor Music and Technology
Ahuzat Bayit 2 The bourse, smart cities
Rothschild 31 Boxa Reality and Laminated Reality
38 High-tech community
Nahalat Binyamin 42 Palim What is Big Data and how does it change humanity today?
Marilyn Bar Computer Vision
Ahad Ha’am 35 College of Developers reward capital for programmers and employees in startups
Starts at 17:30 Nachlat Benyamin 52 Drama, Lobby Blochien
National Bank of Israel Organizational Innovation
Rothschild 32 Zuzu Electronics
Rothschild 60 Polly Wise smart at night
Rothschild 24 Jimmy Ho Psychology on Digital
Kauffman 2 Samsung is focused on machine learning and deep learning
Rothschild 11 counts the super powers of Internet technologies
Montefiore 31 Toy.Lab Design meets technology
Galilee 6 Platform Construction of a business model
Nahalat Binyamin 58 Tech-Code Diversity and inclusion in start-ups

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