Thu 23 August 2018 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Bauhaus Center - Dizengoff 77, Tel Aviv,

Curator: Alisa Veksler
Dima Gorbachev is an artist and has been collaborating with the Bauhaus Center for years. Gorbachev’s work is influenced by artists such as El Lissitzky, Alexander Rodchenko, Paul Klee and Marcel Breuer. The artist’s inspiration can offer an explanation for the unique combination of art and design.
The artist wishes to see his work as a spontaneous process. There is no preliminary planning, and there is no expectation of the outcome of the creative process. His hand movements occur automatically, allowing him to express abstract shapes and paths from his subconscious. The artist is delighted by the uncertainty – and in fact presents “meditation” on paper.

Opening Event: Thursday, 23.08.2018, at 19:00.
Bauhaus Center, Dizengoff 77, Tel Aviv.

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