Sat 28 September 2019 | 3:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Herzliya Marina - Herzliya Marina, Herzliya,

New Year’s Speech –

There are moments when all parts of the puzzle connect to one clear picture.
Speech rises a second step, goes out of his way and sailing towards his greatest dreams, we emerge and become the most poignant, influential and meaningful voice these days.
And you and I go location after location, sound after sound, dance steps and strides at a high heart rate.
This time we got out of the routine, did not leave an open corner, the puzzle connected to the whole picture, the location sailed to our destination, line up exactly who we are and what we want to be forever and with us, the question is, have you missed and are you ready?

Sounds in speech soon-
The man with the golden mask, at the top of DJ’s for many years, there is no country where there is no way, there is no broadness that you will not record and bring his special tone to be expressed with exceptionally happy music, electronic sounds that move the body without the brain being able to think.
It has hits that cross cultures: NO EYES, LIQUID SPIRIT, HEARTBEAT and many more. And there is no better way to put the seal on being one of the world’s leaders, like the wine at pacha ibiza, this veteran and amazing institution where he hosts artists every Monday.
If that was not enough, then listen to this theatrical hit man.

Is undoubtedly ours, after an exceptional performance in the last speech on Purim, which shook all of its national parks in Ramat Gan. Magit comes again to set the tone for our upcoming event at the shipyard. The woman broke every convention, penetrated the heart of Israeli culture and instilled electronic music to the masses, after an amazing year visit to the nearby Tumoroland frequent migration to Ibiza, we have no doubt Magit will do her job in the best way!

CHAIM For the
first time in my speech, the golden hands of Life will touch our plate in the heart of the shipyard, one of the successful artists who left here with sets that connect the body and the soul, with a complete loss of common sense, “Life,” had already visited every possible space in which he could express his special musical style, appeared alongside Solomon, Marco Corolla, and many good people, all that was left to hear was how he would speak in our arena.

The speech resists, people with the greatest desire in the field, familiarity with every possible space, spreading eternal love, uncontroversial performance, in every stage they give up to their last drop of sweat. Bring a happy, cosmic electronic content that gives each body part a desire to move to the beat. Their track “MENORA” is played all over the country. And they come especially ready to speak at our upcoming event!

Since the beginning of the year, this connection that began as a romance continues to unceasing love. Nariz and Agami give special musical sounds that belong only to them. If the content is the king then this is exactly what they do. They released each one together and separately extraordinary tracks that were played around the world.

Our breakthrough, anyone who hears this meteor asks where this guy comes from, what is all this passion and how it makes sense that we dance forever with the punk and rhythmic music he engages in each and every one of the audience. Omri made a quantum leap this year and is on a general climb to conquer the entire country and then move to the world. Releasing Trac after Trac, who become hits and gets excited to come and play our nearest talk at the shipyard!

One Shabbat before the eve of Rosh Hashana, the exact time to enjoy until the body is released.
The date is 28.9.19
We will start with a sea breeze in all its splendor,
starting at 15:30.
And we will conclude the cosmic journey at the brightest moon.
It is 23:00.

Do not stop dreaming.

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