Wed 12 September 2018 | 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm
BPM College - Ben Avigdor 3, Tel Aviv,

To witness the joy of creation burns in us, we love to run before we know how to walk. We believe in the heart that music is the answer to everything. We found one partner for the event, whose understanding of their contribution is the goal, creating the next generation of record players, understanding that we deserve better productions in Israel, better DJs and an amazing atmosphere wherever we tread. We are leaving for the upcoming event.

Speech is a community that is emerging to kick conventions, to dance without limits, the word pretty is a curse for us, we want more and want it now, because if not now then when?
In this universe where everything happens all the time, we take time out for one evening to enjoy and the truth is that it’s going to be a special evening.


People’s Strang-
A breakthrough group of young members who understood the DNA of Tel Aviv electronic music, moving between all the underground spaces considered, outdoor outdoor production. Kicks to the brain, everything happens, tonight is the night and more is just part of the burgeoning language of these guys.
Feel at home in the roof of the bpm and come to burn wide.
When is the party and when can I watch the broadcast?
Wednesday evening on the Facebook page – BPM College / People are strange / DIBUR. Some will understand that this is the day of the renewed departure, some will experience it for the first time.
Start of broadcast: 19:30, 22:30
The welcome cocktail will begin at 18:00 – the event is sponsored by beer Desperados beer that will share free beer!

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