Thu 18 October 2018 | 11:59 pm
The Block - Salame 157, Tel Aviv,


Thursday the 18th of October, The Block Club, the underground club and sound sanctuary in the south of the city between the blackened buses and the asphalt, in the area where workers are developing on the streets. The canvas is concrete walls, and the muse is jumping over us from its surroundings.

“Seize the moment”,
Is a broad yet abstract concept.
We want to touch one important aspect of it:
The ability to grasp what is not obvious at a given moment, to see what lies in the layers below, rather than what jumps straight into the eye – in fact the spark for the different creation, the other work that is not in the mainstream.
Therefore, the connection is simply natural between The Block, the place that sanctifies different electronic creation, the other innovative –
The pirate photography culture that perpetuates the other, the observation from the different angle and the translation of the underground messages – to the visual.
The walls of The Block are exactly the fertile ground to plant these pictures, precisely where photography is forbidden, and what is happening now is engraved in memory, not printed on chemical paper or rising to the stray and obliterated with no value, we will get pictures that will inspire us to be in the moment and look at the surroundings differently.
We believe there is no need to limit frames, and the atmosphere will jump from a dimension to a 3D world into the dance floor.

Capture the sound
Hosting The Block: OXIA

“When I create in the studio, I let my imagination and emotions take over, sometimes it leads me to music that is undefined, sometimes more techno, house, sometimes more groovy, jazz or even melodic, it really depends on my mood for where the piece takes me, Just like that”

The legendary French producer and record player Oliver Raymond OXIA is coming to The Block with more than 20 years of experience, performances all over the world, the head of the famous Directs label and the creator of the contemporary domino anthem!

Oxia explains that his initial attraction to electronic music began in the eighties, when he was a boy and a fan of punk. He noticed the electronic change that entered the genre and followed the rise in anticipation of evolution to the next thing, today we can call this next thing, House and Techno!
In addition, he was strongly influenced by the New Wave bands such as Depeche Mode, New Oder, Cure, whose different use of electronic tools and the sounds they produced became etched in his creative memory and eventually led him to create electronic music. In 1994 he entered the studio and the history map began to be written.

2007 was the year that broke the boundaries of the scene, when OXIA created the dance floor anthem domino.

The past two years have been good for OXIA, with countless performances around the world,
A hypnotic remix for Moby, and a remix album that went to Domino to celebrate its 10th anniversary, by the select artists Frankie and Sandrino, Matador, & Robag Wrhume.

“I like to diversify my work, not to get stuck in one particular style”

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