Thu 27 July 2017 | 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Rabin Square - Ibn Gvirol 70, Tel VIV, FREE

Critical Mass’ summer evening rides continue and step it up a gear! This is the last month before our dear Municipality start handing out fines faster than bubblegum in the 80s, and it’s super-important we show a united front and that we’re here to stay. (Build us some proper cycling routes already FFS!!)

So bring along your bike, lights, reflectors and perhaps swimwear. And music – lordy lord, if you have a speaker – we really need some music.

You know the drill: we cycle around Tel Aviv spreading our positive vibes, and make our presence felt on major city roads that are missing cycle lanes.

Once again, we’ll show everyone how awesome pedal-power is, and just how much we need a dedicated safe space to ride: investment in proper and unbroken infrastructure instead of fines, and support for all green road users. Because we deserve to get around our city without risking our lives.

We’ll look after each other and have fun!

See you on the western side of the square, opposite Tolaat Sfarim.

* Critical Mass doesn’t have any leaders. Everyone is welcome to join in and help out – we need volunteers! You can join our Facebook group on מסה קריטית תל-אביב | Critical Mass Tel Aviv
* We meet on the western side of Rabin Square at 20:00 and set off by 20:30.
* We want to be seen and heard, and to involve people around us — drivers, pedestrians and people cafes. So please bring lights, reflectors, whistles, bells, music with speakers and musical instruments, and anything else you can think of. Try to be friendly and engaged!
* No need to be in great shape, or have a fancy bike. We’ll ride at a chilled out pace and show everyone cycling is fun!
* We’ll ride whatever the weather!
* No, we don’t have special permission for the ride from the police — because no special permit is required to ride bikes on the road! We will observe the traffic rules, lights and signs.

Why Do We Ride?
* Because cycling is really fun! And it’s much more fun with your friends around you!
* We demand a full, safe and consistent network of proper bike baths, alongside the cars and not on pedestrian sidewalks. They should (and will!) connect all of the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area (Gush Dan), and keep everyone, pedestrians and bike riders, safe and happy.
* We remind car drivers they’re not alone on the road – and they need to share it.
* We will show a vibrant and vital city has to kick most of the private cars out of its center. Sustainable mass transit cannot be based on oil, smog, pollution, traffic accidents and stress-out drivers, as it does today. Combining cycling, walking and proper public transportation is the proper solution.
* We won’t forget city planners, municipal and national planning bureaucrats — they have to be reminded that healthy cities and only exist when they plan for the people and their needs, not against them.
* And finally: the government, preferring the private cars’ lobby over everybody’s health and time.

What Is Critical Mass?
Critical Mass started in San Francisco in 1992 as a monthly protest ride, and has since spread to hundreds of cities around the world. Read more on:

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