Thu 24 January 2019 | 11:55 pm - 11:59 pm
The Block - Salame 157, Tel Aviv,

Imagine what life would look like without a commune
Perhaps you would find a new renaissance in the enchanting poems of Peter André and Take Dut,
Perhaps you would have been very fond of the Nabatean world
And maybe you would finally decide what your favorite grain (buckwheat)

Luckily for your luck, we will not have to pass such a life
We chose the nightlife instead of the refuge for the wind, for the soul, for the body and for the soul.

Over the years, the story has become more quality, kicking more, more accurate and thanks to you, a commune celebrates the 3 of endless work, fulfilling many dreams, wet fantasies, and creating a book of memorabilia that comes from a fairy tale.

This is the time to say thank you to all the productions we have hosted in our not so small home
So many colors, productions, partnerships, frightening challenges, pressures, and, most often, mining successes and streams of adrenaline flowing through our veins.

In addition to the extensive entertainment culture, we learned a number of important lessons over the years
We learned about the importance of humility, which opens every closed door and fundamentally changes the story
We learned about the importance of precision and its importance in investment
We learned that the more we give, the more we get, the more we learn to put the ego aside
We have learned how tremendous this city is when working together for a higher cause.

A moment before you dive, there are a few more happy events waiting for you on Thursday night January 24!

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