Thu 5 March 2020 | 11:59 pm
The Block - Salame 157, Tel Aviv,

Purim Lily – 5.3.20 – Here it comes!

And go through the gospel across the city and go out dancing!
And the children of Tel Aviv come every week to the temple, sacrificing their feet, and praising them, and their wives, and listening to the prophets, and their hearts are filled with all the goodness that is heard from afar.

And they would start dancing, shut their phones, and not take pictures, and the pipes would only light up in designated places, and look good, and their clothes didn’t smell like an ashtray the next morning.

And read the next line-up about them favorably, tagging their friends for the sake of spreading the gospel.
And give it a name, and go south, go wild, and rejoice, and not go to sleep until the end of the week.

And they will call the prophets who come to the central temple square, and answer yes, and tell everything to all the people of Tel Aviv.
And pass on the news to the Diaspora and the Israelites will see that it is good, and that Lush Purim will be sanctified and blessed so far as he knew!

For all directions.
Get on the Vive Freeway, keep going straight ahead and at the intersection, circle the square 3 times until you see the main line extension.
From here on, the markings must be followed until you reach the threshold of consciousness.

We are sure that the costumes are already sitting on the chair outside the closet and bringing you the time for one, unique and unique weekend that gives a true expression of creativity, art, culture that is wrapped in the best colors and sounds that the city of Tel Aviv can offer!

3 rich plots of content trickle into the structure that is searched every weekend for a sound temple. And when the lights go down and the show starts, there are no more people, just a jungle of colors and sounds, which together become a fairy tale story that is made step by step, chapter after chapter, set after set.

Each story awaits another story.
In each set
you will be exposed to a different shade every moment that stays with you, and becomes your Purim story.
Commune / Paradox / Grenade – The story begins with this point:

“Music is the most powerful form of witchcraft.” ~ Merlin Manson

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