Thu 13 June 2019 | 11:59 pm
The Block - Salame 157, Tel Aviv,

Seven Years of Doing
Seven years of creation
Seven years of challenges, successes, inspiration and growth.
Nothing in this world is permanent.
Everything is in constant motion, and we are proud to be part of this movement, which has championed the quality symbol, the underground symbol and the symbol of appreciation for the best of the best.

Boom Shankar (Germany)
Anyone who goes to a festival or two in his life around the world always comes across Booth Shankar ‘s fearsome, uncompromising, up-to-date, intelligent, and poignant sets that blow you in all directions even if you thought you were ready!

M – Run (croatia)
One of the most famous and most famous underground artists arrives for the first time to the Sound Temple to give his speech in honor of Zayon 604 ‘s birthday.
This is one of Israel’ s most beloved artists, and it ‘s no accident. The ability to bring the psychedelic extract to the squares is exactly what we love. And on Thursday 13.6

Mijinko (japan)
What’s in those Japanese that connects so well to the Israeli Leviev
What are these Israelis who connect so well to the Japanese Leviev
Extremism, the desire to take it a little further, probably we have in common.
And that’s why the connection sounds and feels so natural every time.
The craziest woman in the trance scene will make her way all the way from Tokyo to the main stage of the block!
Those who experienced the pure energy of her will never forget in life how she made him Lhhrgis
get ready to connect to the end
The Square
Super car consisting Msidafo and Skizologi’k
pair of veteran plowing for years the positions and also decided to make music together in
one project Hmoziklim fascinating recent times
the initial segments of the pair published Zaion label 604
music H”mrobaim “influenced by the British school of the 90

Celestial twins
twins started out C” Ortus signum”
and “cero” each separately.
Cero places emphasis on New Goa in its time in 2014 and Ortus signum with melodic / progressive melodic, psychedelic and kicking.
In 2016, the pair of twins joined up and the project “Celestial Twins” was launched.
Since the twins have released two Ipeans, with an emphasis on rising Paul Power.
In the summer of 2019, the twins will release another album.
Refreshing album, Apple, kicks, melodic.
One that we will not remain indifferent to.

One of the most esteemed and veteran artists we have in Israel, comes after a long absence to the stage of the block. Style is Zeno, and the angle is completely different from what you have heard from this label to this day.

Hours After:
SHIDAPU hosting ZION 604 gang
man and legend Roy Sasson going to show us all his secret recipe to create a mix of Goa fine, well seasoned and wrapped in beaten mixing perfect!
With his persecution, there is no doubt that appetite for a true psychedelic culture is only opening up!
And all of that, add Zayon 604 on a single stand, until the wee hours of the morning 🙂

■ ▲ SQUAT ▬▬▬▬ FLOOR ▲ ■ ▬▬▬▬
Powered by Savta, Space Generation & 2030

Yotam Avni (Innervision)
we checked Wikipedia and even his image appears near term “disc jockey”
the reasons for this, it is better to hear for yourself – Hrilisim recent performances The giant and his abilities are beyond imagination!
This is a guy who became one of the world’s top DJs this year. Release several sections into the largest loops. Simply foreign artist blue and white!

It will strengthen stars:
Ben Weiss B2B Daniel Elfassy
(Space Generation)

Takiru B2B Dor Reuven (2030)

Mosko (2030)

Daniel Chernenko
(Space Generation)

aka Skizologic
no doubt, Maor Hatzbani is one of the best artists who broke out in 2018
The talented Skizo dauntampo is not left behind, and has already starred on the Oscars this year, leaving behind hearts and minds scattered over the territory of the Hungarian state 🙂 They
are proud to host it in its most natural form!

Stefan Spivak, half of the ZION 604, brings his solo prokitt in the right place, at the right time, with the most accurate sound!
There is no one in Israel who lived the underground parties of a rising genre that did not experience the endless qualities of this man this
Thursday you will get a show from him that you will not forget for many years!

All quality and style differ in one space . In one set that changes worlds, reveals new provinces, and takes away to the heavens.

has no avid Goa fan who has not met this phenomenon called Julus.
He had a musical archive that could easily become a collection library in itself.
His many years of experience have brought his great love and widespread knowledge of perfection.
Wait and you will hear 🙂

Eyal Gal Epstein started out in late 2016.
Since then, the twins managed to release an album Fsii Arc massive as the “mystery” and soon another Efe.
The twins have dark, psychedelic music with a heavy rhythm.

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