Thu 13 September 2018 | 11:59 pm
HaOman 17 - Abarbanel Street 88, Tel Aviv, 70 NIS

Hello to the whole Comfort family!
Have you missed? We too!
After a long period of recess we return to sharper and more energetic than ever. As you know and love, we are returning to the season of creative writer at our 17 Haoman 17 facility with planned events that will shed your will.

So for the opening shot we get into rhythm with the birthday celebrations of one of our close friends, Eran “Percy” Eco! For those who do not know, Eran is the owner of the Eco-Booking Agency and beyond that is a member of our family. So as you know and know, we just need one match to light our fire to make an overly exaggerated party.

Be prepared for an evening not from this planet.

On position:

GMS (Future Music Records)

When music is endless.
After a difficult period as you know, Ricketam continues the mission of this excellent project, which has innumerable treks that are deeply etched in our memory and 25 years of massive activity around the world. The truth is that we are constantly excited that their music is playing in our club and this time it’s going to be unbridled.


If we are dealing with dinosaurs, we are happy to host one of the psychedelic fathers onstage. He was there in the early 90s of the glory days of Goa and gave his share in establishing the foundations of trance around the world. Here it comes


When you are asked .. Tell me which set threw you the most? You straight answers 1200 micrograms. How can we not? Music created by Raja Ram, GMS and Chicago can certainly send us on the Milky Way.
Be ready to fly out of a cannon.

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