Thu 20 July 2017 | 11:55 pm - 11:59 pm
xComfor Trance - Florentin, Tel Aviv, 60 NIS


Hello Friends This Thursday, July 20, 2017 – we have a special and dim night with a birthday for the twins Michael and Osher who brought to the world the “Mashrom” family and its urban derivative “Amanita Urban “He said. The mushrooms became an inseparable part of the Comfortrance family, and in honor of the birthday we took the central stage together with a clear message – they came to smash! Or as defined by the Mashrom family – Anti Shanti! Beyond the two artists who come to us for the first time, the one and only “Scazi” will come to the set from his first album to the last, but with a sharp emphasis on his first period,

 Or in short, retro and as much as possible 🙂 Get the full program for one of the most quality and different nights we’ve ever had to lift: The Dark Side of Tel Aviv – The Line Up ==================== ============ Onkel Dunkel – Denmark Braincell – Switzerland SKAZI – All time set RITMO U $ ha ———————- ————- ———————————– Entry price Lists: 60 to 1:00. Please check in before 1:00 to receive a ticket at 60:00 after 1:00 – 70:00 List lists You can send us full names to one of the pages – Com4Trance \\ Comfort 13 or one of the production people * You must obtain a registration certificate * Ages 23 and up = ======= Details ======== The party starts at 23:55 The price of the discount is at 1:00 exactly at the checkout, so your arrival is preceded by a security check and the presentation of an original identity card! We want to maintain your perfect experience and enjoyment during the party at any given moment. If you encounter a phenomenon of inappropriate behavior and harassment, you must contact the bartender or a security officer to make sure that the case is handled preferably at the entrance to the regular guests.

Location: Oman 17 Tel Aviv

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