Thu 14 February 2019 | 11:00 pm - 11:59 pm
HaOman 17 - Abarbanel Street 88, Tel Aviv, 80 NIS

Lucky Number 7

Can not believe she had had another year! And our special project called 7-year-old Comfortrance!
Over the past seven years, we have been through a long journey in which we have accumulated experiences that we will never forget. We met good friends who remained and increased the tribe, hosted the best of the best artists from anywhere on this ball and especially did what you and we love – to celebrate and release to the music that takes us Far away every time anew.
We have been shaking the land of Tel Aviv for seven years, but we feel that we have just begun. Probably that’s how you work from the heart and from the soul.
The upcoming event is a milestone in our journey and symbolizes the lucky number 7, and in your honor we have broken an event in psychedelic proportions that are not perceived to the point of view. We usually exaggerate so that we have a birthmark that does not really exaggerate. Of course it is.

So what’s the menu?
In the upcoming event we will divide the artist into 2 spaces in which you will lose time and feel without fear.
The main expansion will be characterized by massive line up and peak energies. And in the small room where you will go on a journey in old Goa with the decor from the old days and an accurate design in a once-in-a-lifetime atmosphere and of course a unique one-star stand tailored for the job.

Get the line up …


We do not really know if there is a need to write something about them because there is no one who does not know them. Matan and Aviram, the ambassadors of the State of Israel in the eyes of Trance, did something that no one has yet succeeded. They entered the world’s largest stages and showed hundreds of thousands of people what a trance is! They are always happy to host them.

Ami and John, the duo who conquered the hottest stages in recent years and is considered a dazzling success, is also coming to us!
Reising Dast – when they are, kicking music that evokes dust from every broad. We do not have sand but there are festival energies!
My name is Giovanni Giorgio, but everyone calls me Giorgio

Darwish! Without a doubt one of the busiest artists in the trance scene, the man who took the psy-trance and filled with soulful world music, got on the highway and since then he has been safely walking back to the house with a sweeping and deep trilbal trance set.

Patrick, a dear and graceful friend, comes to Elino after a year of endless performances around the world.
After he has taken the stage of the ball festivals he comes home to enjoy with us in a family atmosphere and a vibe of love as we know how to give. Be with him airy.

Newborn is an unknown phenomenon, people follow his music almost like blind faith. The effect he is pressuring brings with it overwhelming energy that can not remain indifferent to it. A talented guy.

Our dear Dana will open the evening with a feminine set, as long and powerful as only she knows.

A frightening combination of the two veterans of the scene in one set of love. What needs more than that.


ANOEBIS – 4 Hours Set:
In honor of this excellent event, we brought the rising king and the owners of Sun Tree Records to a 4-hour set in the expanses of melodies and rhythms we love from Vogator’s beaches to Tel Aviv.

The duo’s resdent, a veteran collector and especially the pioneer of the scene will take over the stage with psychedelic sounds.

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