Thu 6 September 2018 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Hanina Gallery - Shvil Hamifal 3, Tel Aviv,

Cold sweat machine
Lital Rubinstien Aviva Daum Marks

Curator: Hagar Brill
Hagar Bril

Opening: Thursday, 6.9.18, 20:00


A cold sweat machine by Little Rubinstein and Aviva Daum Marx is a multi-function system built on the principle of chain reaction, which seeks to trace the process of a person undergoing an anxiety attack. The machine that spreads across the gallery space is a mechanical, pseudo-scientific metaphor for the panic attack. The process it generates simulates the systemic failure that occurs in our bodies during the attack: from a sudden inner frequency that causes us to bubble and vibrate, through an eruption of paralyzing fear, to the moment when our bodies are covered with cold sweat, trying to regain control of what is happening. The machine produces the same drops of perspiration, some of which “clean” the anxiety process and in some of them – make it real.

In the video work accompanying the machine, Rubinstein and Daum Marx document a process of research, extraction and preservation of these drops. The grayish liquid produced from the machine undergoes evaporation and heating processes until a black, black extract is produced – the essence of fear, which is then used for human experimentation.

The imaginary laboratory conditions, which exemplify the sequence of automatic, cold and orderly actions, raise questions about the human helplessness and the sense of anxiety. Can we control fear? Are we controlled by him? The cold sweat machine seems to be trying to prove to us our real, fragile state: although our body seems to be under controlled control, it reminds us that the possibility of disruption always exists within us.

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