Fri 13 March 2020 | 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
TBA - tel aviv, Tel Aviv,


There is a huge demand for the party and it is very gratifying!
But since this is a private apartment, we have to understand * exactly * how many participants there will be and so we decided that participation is contingent on prepayment as a serious fee (the amount will still be donated). You can pay at the following link:

You have requested so nicely, and I have a great swap party to wear again!
After all the challenges, bags in your home must have accumulated on top of bags of clothing begging for a new home!
It’s time to give them a go, and replenish their wardrobe with warm, light clothing.

So what, and who and who?
💖 Meet at 11:00 in Tel Aviv (exact address below) at the lovely Neta Biller’s house who volunteered to host us, and we will begin to renew!

Please bring only clothes:
– In excellent condition (no tears, stains, etc.)
– Clean (must be washed before)
– that you would like to receive on your own (this is the test – would you take a garment in such a situation, or not?)

The proceeds are 20 NIS, and proceeds are for donation to a women’s emergency room.

* Must pay with joy and love, with the understanding that money is a wonderful energy that flows between us *

Address will be sent to the private phone for those who paid on Paybox ❤
to avoid the arrival of unregistered women and to prevent entry of merchants.

For the avoidance of doubt, this is a private event, and there is no entry for trades. If someone is identified as a merchant (for that matter, who will snatch clothes indiscriminately into a suitcase) she will be asked to leave and she will not be able to take her clothes with her!

You can only enter the party with your own bag for delivery. When you check in, declare the quantity of quality items you brought (do not bring rags) and you may collect a similar amount home.

If there is an exception, such as a very missing wardrobe, you can contact one of the organizers privately on the side.

I will ask everyone to act decently and accordingly

אל Come on, what a fun way to noooooooooo

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