Sun 2 February 2020 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Polly - Rothschild Boulevard 60, Tel Aviv,

~~~ Free lectures on climate change! ~~
~~~ Sunday, February 2, 19:00 ~~~
Polly Bar – Rothschild 60, Free entrance

Tel Aviv University’s Students for Climate are pleased to invite you to two lectures (in Hebrew) by two scientists at the forefront of groundbreaking climate change research:

Dr. Yoni Goldsmith: Global Warming – At the hands of man?
We are currently in full swing of global warming. How do we know that the current global warming is a result of human activity? Why is there a natural climate cycle? How is it connected to the sun, the ocean, and the natural carbon cycle?

Dr. Yoni Goldsmith is a climate researcher at the Institute of Earth Sciences at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Among other things, he researches land and sea paleoclimates, organic and inorganic isotopic geochemistry, lake geomorphology, hydrological cycles, and the relationship between climate and humanity.

Dr. Alon Eliran: Beyond the Atmosphere – Climate change and its effects on earth and water

There’s a lot of talk about the atmosphere, and greenhouse gases, but what about earth and water? How are they affected, and how do they affect? How do we influence them, for better and for worse? How can one measure and monitor these effects on a local and global scale? And how does this relate to our urban environment?

Dr. Alon Eliran is an independent researcher in the field of underground remote sensing, at Ariel University’s Engineering faculty; researching, instructor, and activist in many organizations in the field of urban ecology, environment, and climate.


TAU Students for Climate is an environmental movement of students, staff, and partners, who are concerned about the growing climate crisis. We are taking action, within and beyond the campus, to promote change and awareness in the face of the current environmental situation.

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