Sat 7 March 2020 | 3:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Ramat Gan Stadium - Ramat Gan Stadium, Ramat Gan,


We are people of freedom, but few of our sons appreciate it, we sat and thought of a way that we could bring another layer to the power of our freedom.

The statement with which we come together with the multicolor of the holiday is what led us to the following location:

Circus – a place where the laws do not apply, the colors wash the landscape, the time stops, and the costumes are the dress code.
We embark on a journey where freedom is the highlight, the senses are sharply sharpened, the sounds germinate in the background, the body is released, and the legs refuse to stop moving.


Art department🇨🇦
Ella Gutman
Naor Nurieli
Noya Asaraf



On the days when newspaper headlines in March and public discourse engages us all, we decided to momentarily cut off our thoughts on tomorrow and dedicate the coming of the holiday that allows us all to be born again.

Most people tend to attribute masks in a negative connotation, but not when it comes to a holiday that allows us all to be who we want to be for a day.

We’ll soon meet another circle
7.3 Saturday noon
We’ll start at exactly 3pm

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