Sun 17 March 2019 | 7:45 pm - 11:30 pm
ZOA - Daniel Frisch Street 1, Tel Aviv,

ZOA House and Eco Tours invite you to the Chinese Night:

20:00 – Starting from the belly with the famous Tibetan dish: Tibetan Momo
The story of the Tibetan mumbo of Tibetan Lobsang and Yala started in 2004. They met in Dharamsala and immediately fell in love. After they got married and thought of going to Israel, Lobsang said, “Maybe we’ll become mummies and sell them?” And since history … they are here, producing with love, preparing each one of their mummies in one hand as in Tibet. And besides they’re really pretty, they’re vegan too!

21:00 – Lecture: Are the Chinese the same? Lecturer: Yuval Levy Eco Tours
China defines itself as a multi-national state with 56 official nations and dozens of sub-minorities. The Chinese narrative claims that unlike the peoples of Europe, China has never been colonialist, but a civilization attracted by peoples and cultures that have joined together to form the fabric of nations of China as it is today.

Throughout history, Chinese civilization has maintained a complex relationship with its neighbors. It was swallowed up and swallowed up by the ‘wild’ peoples who settled its borders, absorbed many influences and enriched them with an endless movement of bloodshed and mutual cultural influence. With the passing of generations, these peoples have become an inseparable part of the fabric of Chinese civilization, most of which settle the vast expanses of China’s book areas.

During the lecture, we will explore some of the most fascinating areas, including Tibet, Yunnan and Inner Mongolia, and learn about the special character of ancient peoples and the fascinating relationship with Chinese culture.

About Yuval Levy:
Was born in the last hour of the “Tiger Year” in the settlement of Kamun in the Lower Galilee. For the past seven years he has lived in the Yunnan province of China on the border of Tibet, Burma, Laos and Vietnam. Speaks, reads, writes and breathes the Chinese language and culture and has a deep knowledge of the various minorities, religions and history of China. He specializes in deep-sea tours all over China. In his spare time, Tai Chi practitioner, Qigong, is a photo editor who follows the minority cultures of Chinese civilization and studies the less known regions of China and Southeast Asia.

The Last Wolf China
An adventure drama directed by veteran creator Jean-Jacques Annou tells the story of a young student from Beijing who was sent to join a herd of nomads in the territory of Mongolia. Moving between what he knew as “technological progress” and the elements, he sets off on a journey that involves mingling with many wild animals and homesickness. Winner of the Beijing Film Festival.

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