Sat 24 March 2018 | 2:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Alphabet - Ahad Ha'Am 54, Tel Aviv, 20 NIS

ANi Lo MedabereT Ivrit:

Insanity is a state of mind that includes a variety of behaviors characterized by abnormal patterns that often accompany distortion of the sense of reality and judgment.
We, camp In:Sanity, a handful of people from the bright and rational future of camp Futurizen, have returned to the crazy present and became a group whose sanity belongs to the past. We have taken upon ourselves the task of bringing you an insane experience in the playa and outside of it, to show you that the spark of madness is hidden in each and every one of you.

Our gift for Midburn 2018 is a sense triggering art installation, that undermines our thoughts and undermines our sanity. One that will not leave you indifferent at all ..

To this end, we are excited to announce our 1st fundraising party!
What have we prepared for you?
Two dance floors and nine djs
Artists of all sorts who joined the mission
Light, darkness and everything in between
Mind triggering video art
And many more exciting surprises

For you we say – prepare for an experience that will bring you together with your senses, thought and consciousness, and most importantly, will provide you good time 🙂
On Saturday, 24.03.18 at 14:00, the gates of the alphabet will open and you are invited to enter the deepest parts of your thoughts, feelings and craziness that we have prepared for you.

#### LINE-UP ####

Asael Weiss (The Block)
Niv Yefet (Dosebé)
Yehoshua (a: typical)

Sheimus K (Dov Gummy)
Mita Gami (People Are Strange)
Hilu (a: typical)
Dena G (Placement JLM)
Ari Miller Live (Dark & ​​Tender, KDB Records)
Ophir Toti

#### LINE-UP ####

Participation fee:
Until 15:30 20 NIS
From 15:30 onwards NIS 30 for GOING – until the day of the event
40 NIS for all the rest

There is no logic to madness, and that is what’s beautiful …

Camp In:Sanity Midburn 2018

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