Wed 28 September 2016 | 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
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After searching in all the existing bone marrow databases nationwide and worldwide, there is still no match for Adam Gomon, a two years old boy and for Adam Krief, 31 years old and a father of three little kids. They both need a bone marrow donation urgently.
On a mission to find a donor for the both of them, on September 28th (Wednesday) there is going to be a national drive on many locations across the country.
The purpose of this national drive is to collect as many bone marrow samples as we can and hopefully to find a match to anybody in need of a transplant. The bone marrow sample is taken by a simple swab of saliva. The is no need for any blood sample.
The donors must be between the age of 18-45 years old.
The bone marrow samples are free of charge but in order to ship and examine the samples in a laboratory abroad we will also be raising funds. Any donation is welcomed and appreciated.

List of stations that will be located across the country:
Or Akiva ‘Lights Mall’
Eilat ‘Ice Mall’
Eilat ‘Mul Hayam Mall’
Efrat ‘Dekel Commercial Center’
Ariel ‘Mega Light Mall’
Ashdod ‘Lev Ashdod Mall’
Ashdod ‘Big Fashion Mall’
Ashkelon ‘Hutzot Mall’
Beer- Sheva ‘Grand Canyon Beer- Sheva’
Bilu ‘Bilu Center’
Beit Shean ‘Zim Center’
Beit Shemesh ‘Big Mall’
Givat Shmuel ‘Hagiva Mall’
Givatayim ‘Givatayim Mall’
Dimona ‘Peretz Center Mall’
Herzliya ‘Shivat Hakochavim Mall’
Hadera ‘lev Hadera Mall’
Holon ‘Azrieli Holon Mall’
Haifa ‘Grand Canyon Haifa’
Haifa ‘Hutzot Hamifratz outdoor outlet Mall’
Haifa ‘Cinemall’ (former Lev Hamifratz)’
Haifa ‘Azrieli Haifa’
Tiberias ‘Mul Kineret Mall’
Yavne ‘BIG Center’
Jerusalem ‘Cinema City’
Jerusalem ‘Hadassah Ein Kerem’
Jerusalem ‘Hadar Mall’
Jerusalem ‘Malha Mall’
Jerusalem ‘Pisgat Ze’ev Mall’
Jerusalem ‘Ramot Mall’
Kfar Saba G MALL
Karmiel ‘Lev Karmiel Mall’
Mevasseret Zion ‘Harel Mall’
Mevaseret Zion ‘Mevaseret mall’
Modiin ‘Azrieli Mall’
Maale Adumim ‘Adumim Mall’
Nahariya ‘Nahariya Mall’
Ness Ziona ‘Kenyoter Ofer Malls’
Nazareth ‘Nazareth illit Dodge Center’
Netivot ‘Netivot Zim Centers’
Netanya ‘Ir Yamim Mall’
Netanya ‘Hasharon Mall’
Afula ‘Afula Mall’
Arad ‘Arad Zim Centers’
Petah Tikva ‘Grand Canyon Petah Tikva’
Petah Tikva ‘Sirkin Petah Tikva Ofer Malls’
Katzrin ‘Lev Katzrin Mall’
Kiryat Bialik ‘kiryon’
Kiryat Gat ‘lev ha’ir Mall’
‘Shmona Mall’ Kiryat Shmona
Raanana ‘Renanim Mall’
Rosh Pina ‘Shopping center Hagalil’
Rishon Lezion ‘Honim Konim’
Rishon Le Zion ‘Ha-Zahav Mall’
Rehovot ‘Rehovot Mall’
Ramat Gan ‘Marom Nave’
Ramat Gan ‘Ayalon Mall’
Tel Aviv Dizengoff Center’
Tel Aviv ‘Azrieli Mall’
Tel Aviv ‘Ramat Aviv Mall

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