Thu 23 August 2018 | 9:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Nocturno - Tel Aviv , Tel Aviv, 50 NIS

We have a new single!

In preparation for a second album, all of us arrive at Alma and this is a great reason to get the phones out of the closet. 

Yemenite Bouquet Yemenite Yemenite Songs from the Funk Rock ‘n’ Roll and Afro Beat.  With a Super Tate base of drums, bass guitar and keyboards, a biting wind instrument and a simple soul doing well, the band’s performance is an explosion of happiness and fun on the stage, which passes time after time to the feet, ears and hearts of the audience. 

After their first album set the radio stations and platforms on fire, they toured the US, Canada, Ethiopia and India. Now, Bint has come back with a second album, Funky and Groovier than ever, with warranted as only Bint knows how to produce. 

Yemen groove with a Middle eastern vibe – Traditional yemen songs in a funky rockn’roll afro bit perspective.
Super Tight drums, guitar, bass, key board, with insane brass section, and a Yemen singer with Legendary charisma makes Bint el funk’s show an amazing explosion of joy and brings the music Straight to the audience’s heart.

Bint el funk recenty got back to israel after touring with their first album in the U.S. Canada, Ethiopia and India, and are about to release their 2nd album.

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