Thu 4 July 2019 | 8:30 pm - 11:50 pm
Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv - 21 Levontin st, Tel Aviv,

Bint Al Funk launches an album in a special performance and hosts Daklon and Liron Amram.

4.7 ✶ Thursday
Opening Doors: 20:30
Performance: 22:00
Tickets: Qualifiers 65, instead (if left) 80 
Excited, excited, thrilled and excited to invite you to the launch of the second album Our:
The Great & Glorious Yemenite Funky Thing A
work of 3 years of love, thoughts, passions, feelings, fears and separations.
Especially the journey of the birth of a second child into a world with which we will grow with you.
So congratulations to us, an album was born and you were privileged to receive an invitation to the Brit.

So what awaits us in the covenant?

We did not find a suitable mohel so we decided to go for a pagan rite that includes a crazy performance with all the orchestra, the entertainments of King Daklon and Liron Amram the prince and the reception of DJ Black Lulu before and after.
And of course the album itself for which we gathered – which will be available for purchase instead of Vinyl.
There will also be wine, although in this kind of covenant it is more customary to drink beer and arak’s aisles;)

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