Wed 6 March 2019 | 5:20 pm - 10:45 pm
Ben Yehuda 86 - , Tel Aviv,

Another Big Shabatton is on its way 🙂

Friday March 6th and Saturday the 7th.
The Big Shabbat on Ben Yehuda is waiting for you for another big event where people celebrate Shabbat in a cool, pleasant and young environment! Where will you be that Friday night and Saturday Lunch?
Please remember that this event has the purpose to make people mingle and schmooze*, and the money that is earned after expenses will be donated to the Kollel** that we have in the same place.

*This event is mostly for singles and couples.
**Kollel is every week from Sunday to Wednesday, evening time. See you there!

THE SCHEDULE*** for Friday:

17:20 Shabbat begins & Mincha
17:50 Kabbalat Shabbat
18:20 Arvit
18:40 The dinner
THE SCHEDULE*** for Saturday:
09:00 Tefilat Shacharit
11:30 Kiddush and Lunch


During the dinner and Lunch:
– A 5 minutes (not more than 5, as usual) Dvar Torah 
– Wine and drinks, and more drinks 😉
– Shabbat Songs

***Please make sure to print your tickets. Tickets are an important proof. If you have bought your ticket your name will be on the list and viceversa.

Reimbuirsement options:Tickets can’t be reimbursed, only exchanged with who wants to buy a ticket.

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